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October 28, 2007
Filed Under (General Information) by Farris Tarazi

We currently have one of the best health-care systems in the world. However; the government, insurance companies, the consumers and the doctors are to blame for the disastrous outcome and current problems with the system. We must act fast to save it. We do not need a universal system.

Government has allowed the dignity of Doctors to be stripped significantly. Doctors generally speaking get absolutely no honor from society. Policemen or firemen would get considerably more honor than a doctor generally speaking. Doctors study 8 to 16 years in college and then commit themselves to serving society for the rest of their lives and helping people from the time they are born until the time they die. Government as a leader of society can do a lot to restore the honor and leadership of physicians and ultimately help restore the dignity of the health-care system.

Insurance companies are always in the game of delay and deny of claims. This has been a game with doctors and consumers for generations and doctors are a big part of the problem. This continues to be a vicious cycle with no end in sight. This has to stop and fast.

Doctors deserve all the respect and honor if they are utilizing the highest standards in the industry from a legal, ethical, moral and professional matter. Those doctors and other health-care providers who compromise their integrity and allow themselves to abuse the system by defrauding or ordering unnecessary services such as diagnostic, surgeries and other services for simply a financial incentive, aught to be held accountable. There is simply too much fat in the health-care system because of dishonest and corrupt doctors.

Consumers are very much responsible for excessive doctor and hospital visits which utilizes major procedures and diagnostic testing. The consumers in America are generally very obese, abusing drugs and alcohol, living on excessive drugs and generally very stressed out and unhappy. This is having a big strain on the health-care system and account for an extreme amount of bills which ultimately affects the cost of health-care. Read the rest of this entry »